Aashka Goradia, husband Brent Goble test positive for coronavirus: ‘This new strain is a sly devil’

screenmixApril 28, 2021

TV actor Aashka Goradia and her husband Brent Goble have tested positive for the coronavirus. The couple got themselves tested before leaving for their home in the US. Their first test results came out to be negative but in a couple of days, when they took the test again, they found they were infected with the virus. The Naagin actor shared her health update on social media. In her post, she also requested everyone to pray for people who are ‘debilitated’ with the virus.

Taking to Instagram, Aashka wrote, “In preparation for our trip to my home in the US, @ibrentgoble and I have both tested positive for COVID. We have been reeling from this news since this morning when we were just about to leave Goa. Both of us are feeling fine physically but the test reports say otherwise and that means we have to let the virus run its course.”

Both Aashka and Brent do not have any “debilitating symptoms” and they are at their home in Goa, “safe, and not in contact with anyone.” Aashka, who practice Yoga and follow a healthy lifestyle feels the new strain of the coronavirus is a “nasty and sly devil” as “it doesn’t matter how healthy you are -everyone, literally everyone, is at risk.”

In her social media post, the actor, who has decided to quit acting to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams, added, “While we appreciate all the concern and speed recovery wishes, I’d implore everyone reading this to please keep those who are really debilitated in your thoughts and prayer. We will be fine, while so many others may not be. Let’s all hold a space for THEIR recovery, as well as those who are indirectly impacted. So much love from us.”

On the work front, Aashka now plans to focus on her make-up brand that she started a few years ago. She told indianexpress.com, “This is something that I have always wanted to do. Pursuing an entrepreneurship and working on my cosmetic business has been a passion, and it requires a level of commitment. I knew it all along and it happened the way it would, and so it wasn’t a surprising or shocking time for me.”