Aditya Narayan to give up hosting after 2022: ‘It gave me a house in Mumbai, a car’

screenmixJuly 20, 2021

Aditya Narayan wants to move on to ‘bigger things’. After hosting 12 reality shows and anchoring the 12th edition of Indian Idol, the singer-actor wants to stop hosting on television after wrapping up his earlier commitments. He says that 2022 will be the final year as host on Indian television.

He told Times Of India, “2022 will be my final year as a host on Indian television. I won’t host after that. It’s time to do bigger things. I am bound by prior commitments, which I will complete in the coming months. I have such beautiful associations and relations in the industry that agar main abhi chhod doonga toh it will be like abandoning the ship midway. I am laying the foundation for my way out.”

Calling indian television his ‘cocoon’ that gave him fame and success, he said, “I will take a break from TV next year. I feel great about doing multiple things at a time, but it’s also exhausting. As grateful as I am to Indian television for being my cocoon through the past 15 years, it is time to move on to other things. I was a teenager when I started hosting on the small screen, and by the time I am done next year, I will probably be a father. The TV industry has given me a lot — name, fame, and success.”

Aditya added that his time as a host is coming to an end. “It has enabled me to build a house in Mumbai, own a car and have a great life. It’s not that I will abandon TV, but I will do something else like participate in a game show or judge one. But my time as a host is coming to an end. After all these years of hosting, main apne pairon par khada hoon, par pairon par khade ho kar abhi pair mein thodi problem hone lagi hai. Ab seat par baithne ka time aa gaya hai. (I want to stand on my own feet, but my feet hurt a little, it’s time to use a seat).”

Aditya Narayan added that he will announce his decision on Indian Idol soon, and hopes that would stop people from approaching him to host shows. He said that every time he decides to not host anymore, a production house convinces him to change his mind. Aditya added that he has four reality shows lined up, and he needs to announce his projects soon, before he gets more offers.