After removing hijab, Malaysian actress Nonny Nadirah’s bathtub photo prompts outrage from good friend Mila Jirin

screenmixApril 1, 2021

The ‘Akademi Fantasia’ alumna’s best friend called the image ‘attention seeking’. — Picture from Instagram/Nonny Nadirah
The ‘Akademi Fantasia’ alumna’s best friend called the image ‘attention seeking’. — Picture from Instagram/Nonny Nadirah

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PETALING JAYA, April 1 — Actress and singer Nonny Nadirah is once again courting controversy after she posted an image of herself taking a bath.

The 31-year-old took to Instagram yesterday to share a snapshot of her enjoying a soak in a tub while wearing a pair of black sunglasses and clutching a floral scarf.

But the image did not sit well with one of her most vocal critics who just happens to be her best friend and Akademi Fantasia season five alumna Mila Jirin.

Mila, whose real name is Norsyarmila Jirin, took to Instagram to vent about how her attempts to advise Nonny have been unsuccessful.

“I’m done telling her off, I’m tired of crying over you, my friend.

“If you really need to seek attention by doing this, carry on, Nonny.

“You may enjoy it here on Earth but not in the afterlife – I can only pray to God to lead you back on track, I’m not perfect but I’m doing my best to help you,” she said in a lengthy post yesterday.

Mila also congratulated Nonny on her newfound popularity and wrote in a separate post only God was able to change her.



A few hours after uploading her bathroom shot, Nonny, whose real name is Nonny Nadirah Zainuddin closed off comments on the post.

The image which appeared in the form of a short clip was viewed nearly 700,000 times at the time of writing.

Nonny previously made headlines last week when she debuted a new sexy look complete with fishnet tights and a midriff-baring crop top.

The Melankolia singer was then told off by Mila, who expressed her disappointment over her friend’s latest image.

Mila said she “shivered” when she saw the Instagram post and reminded Nonny of the time they visited Mecca, Saudi Arabia to perform the umrah in 2019.

“I 100 per cent didn’t believe it was you in the picture, I told myself that your Instagram must have been hacked but Non, this hurts my heart.

“Don’t be fooled by the devil, this is the last time I’m begging you to return to the right path,” Mila wrote last week.



In the past decade, such policing of women’s behaviour on social media has become ever more common in Malaysia.