Alexander Skarsgård Joins Succession Season 3 in “Confrontational” CEO Role

screenmixMay 3, 2021

That being said, the cast has teased some aspects of the series, like who remains employed by Waystar Royco. 

Nicholas Braun has offered the biggest spoiler thus far, writing in a March Instagram post, “I am an employee of this company, and that’s about all I can say about that!”

In the picture, Braun poses in a sharply-tailored suit in front of a Waystar Royco chyron.

As fans will recall, Braun’s character, Cousin Greg, played a pivotal role in Kendall’s (Jeremy Strong) takedown of Logan Roy (Brian Cox). If Kendall’s coup was successful, then perhaps Cousin Greg has found himself in a higher position that requires the pricey ensemble he sports in the Instagram photo. 

So far, a premiere date hasn’t been announced as the show is still in production, but our fingers are crossed for a fall arrival.