Aly Goni tests negative for coronavirus, urges fans to ‘get tested in case of any symptom’

screenmixApril 30, 2021

Actor Aly Goni has tested negative for Covid-19. The Bigg Boss 14 contestant took to Twitter on Friday to share the news and also urged his fans to get tested in case of any symptoms.

“Tests are negative and I m feeling better now thank you so much everyone. Love u all and please take care koi bhi symptoms ho seedha test karado (get tested incase of any symptom). Take care of ur self and ur family (sic),” Aly tweeted.

Aly Goni also shared a clip on his Instagram stories where he thanked his fans for praying for him and sending him all the love. He requested everyone to stay cautious and take care of their loved ones, while asking his followers to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

This comes after Aly shared a note on Instagram that he wasn’t keeping his roza fast today since he was feeling unwell. This had left fans worried, with many believing that the TV star had contracted coronavirus.

Aly Goni has also been promoting his latest single on social media. The song titled “Tu Bhi Sataya Jayega” also features Jasmin Bhasin.