Bridget Moynahan Has the Best Reaction to Ex Tom Brady’s “Shirtless” Book Mention

screenmixMay 3, 2021

Stranger than fiction!

Bridget Moynahan recently discovered that the novel she was reading hit a little too close to home. The John Wick actress took to Instagram on Sunday, May 2, to share a paragraph she came across while enjoying the Sea Wife by Amity Gaige.

The part of the book that stood out to the 50-year-old star was none other than a line about her ex-boyfriend Tom Brady. Although some words weren’t visible in Bridget’s Instagram snapshot, someone being “consumed by lust” and “the image of Tom Brady shirtless” were clearly mentioned and highlighted by the actress.

The Blue Bloods star captioned her post, “Wait!? What? Didn’t this just happen? Kinda cool, no? Who’s next?”

Bridget’s fans couldn’t help but to chuckle in the comments section, with one follower replying, “So..lust…tom Brady shirtless. Been there..done that. Lol.”

“I’d rather see Peyton Manning shirtless. LOL,” someone else joked, with another wanting to know, “But how’s the book?”