Do Chip & Joanna Gaines Ever Need A Break From Each Other? The Couple Says….

screenmixJuly 12, 2021

18 years later, but it still feels like yesterday. 

Fixer Upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines prove that they’re anything but a work in progress. After nailing marriage (the couple recently celebrated their 18-year anniversary on May 31) and building the highly-anticipated Discovery+  platform Magnolia Network, premiering July 15, the Gaines’ are proof that soulmates exist.

The Waco, Texas-based parents of five exclusively revealed to E! News’ Daily Pop co-host Erin Lim on July 12 that their success has been “quite the journey,” as Chip joked. 

“God help us all,” Joanna said with a laugh as Chip teased her with his long-grown hair. Yet, the couple who are admittedly together “24/7” shockingly never need alone time. Well, at least Chip doesn’t. 

“I need zero breaks from Jo,” he gushed. “And Jo’s like, ‘Just take a little break, just a couple of days apart for a girls’ trip.'” 

As Joanna discussed, their Magnolia Network is arriving on the streaming platform at a special time. “I think what I’m most excited about is it’s landing in a time and space where people are needing to feel that encouragement, that hope and inspiration,” she mused.