Everything that Arjun Kapoor’s Sardar Ka Grandson got WRONG about Pakistan

screenmixMay 26, 2021

The recently released Netflix film, Sardar Ka Grandson has been receiving mixed reviews. The film stars Arjun Kapoor, Rakul Preet Singh, Neena Gupta, John Abraham, Aditi Rao Hyderi amongst many others. It follows the story of a 90-year-old woman longing to visit her old home across the border in Lahore before her death.


While 90-year-old Sardar is unable to travel to Lahore from Amritsar, Amreek (Arjun) decides to bring her house back to her in India. Naturally, this would require Amreek to travel to Lahore, which he does. But it looks like the makers of the film got a few things wrong about Pakistan. In the film, Amreek travels to Lahore, which is in Pakistan’s Punjab province. However, one of the scenes show that the police arriving at a location is seated in a police van that belongs to Sindh – which is another province.

Everything that Arjun Kapoor's Sardar Ka Grandson got WRONG about Pakistan

Moving on, as Amreek seeks permission to move the house from Lahore, he’s told by the mayor of Lahore to do as he pleases, as long as it doesn’t cause any trouble to the people of the area. However, as he tries, there is a water pipe burst that causes some people to lose access to water. Later, there’s also an electricity concern such that moving the house may cause them to be without access to power. But when it comes to reality, people are already used to spending days without water or electricity due to issues not being solved at the top level of the companies providing these.

Everything that Arjun Kapoor's Sardar Ka Grandson got WRONG about Pakistan

Furthermore, in the film, as authorities rush to destroy the over 70-year-old building in Lahore, Radha (Rakul) comes in and talks about the KP Antiquities Act 1997, which, she says, does not allow the destruction of the building. However, once again, what Sardar Ka Grandson gets wrong is that KP stands for Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, another province in Pakistan – whereas the house is located in Lahore, Punjab.

Everything that Arjun Kapoor's Sardar Ka Grandson got WRONG about Pakistan

Despite the inaccuracies, Sardar Ka Grandson can be touted as one of the few Bollywood films that promotes peace between the two neighbouring countries. And if there’s one thing that it gets right, it’s that people from both sides of the border DO NOT want any animosity with each other.

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