Fan complains Diljit Dosanjh is no longer spotted in Punjab, here’s how G.O.A.T singer responded: ‘It’s in my blood’

screenmixSeptember 6, 2021

Punjabi superstar singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh has been living abroad for a while now. While he makes sure to keep his fans entertained by connecting with them through social media, a few feel that he has forgotten his homeland since he is rarely spotted in the country these days.

Recently, expressing the aforementioned grievance, a fan tweeted at the G.O.A.T singer and wrote, “Hun punjab nhi nzr anda jithe janam hoya bai jaan” (These days, we do not get to see you in your birthplace anymore).

Replying to the tweet, the actor-singer penned that his body is made of Punjab’s very soil, therefore it is impossible for him to forget his birthplace — “Punjab Blood Ch aa Veere.. Lakhan Lok Kam Lai Punjab Ton Bahar Jande Ne..Eda Matlab eh nhi ke Punjab Sadey Andron Nikal Geya.. Punjab Di Mitti da Baneya Sareer Punjab Kivey Shadh Dau” (Punjab resides in my blood. So many people leave Punjab for work, I am no different. This does not, in anyway, mean that I have forgotten my roots. My body is made up of its soil, how can I not remember it?)

On the work front, of late, Diljit Dosanjh has been promoting his album Moonchild Era.