Farhan Akhtar addresses Salim-Javed split, trolling over Don 3: ‘I share a love-hate relationship…’

screenmixSeptember 6, 2021

Actor Farhan Akhtar is the next guest on Arbaaz Khan’s show Pinch. In his usual witty fashion, he took on trolls, addressed the Salim Khan-Javed Akhtar fallout, as well as the constant speculation surrounding his film Don 3.

Responding to a hater who called him a ‘flop hero with only one hit’ referring to Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Farhan said, “At least thanks to this flop, you got to see Milkha film’s story.” Another hater asked about his whereabouts as they haven’t heard his ‘hoarse voice’ for some time now. Farhan responded, “I’ll tolerate this also.”

Farhan shared that trolling is a part of social media and one needs to get used to it. “Everyone who is using social media, they have to develop a thick skin to some extent,” he said.  In another part of the video, one troll told Farhan that celebrities like him enjoy being trolled, to which he responded, “Exactly, that’s why I joined social media.”

Arbaaz also asked him about the rift between their fathers, Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar, who were a celebrated duo at one time and had delivered numerous hits. Speaking about this, Farhan said, “I find it incredible that whatever happened between them, it never trickled to us.” The duo had written around 21 films together, including iconic ones such as Zanjeer, Deewar and Sholay. They split in 1982 and ended their 12 years of professional partnership.

For years there has been much speculation that Farhan’s ready to churn out the third installment of the Don franchise, despite his frequent announcements that he isn’t even close to doing so. While most fans continue to plead for the film, others hurl a few abuses his way. Laughing about this, Farhan said, “I share a love-hate relationship with them… they say, ‘Yaar please give me Don 3,’ and then go on to abuse with the choicest of words.”

Pinch airs weekly on Zee 5.