Halsey Will No Longer Do Press After Being “Deliberately Disrespected” in Interview

screenmixJuly 21, 2021

In mid-March, Halsey changed their pronouns to she/they on their Instagram bio, which was noticed by many of their fans. According to Buzzfeed News, the pop star addressed the news on her Instagram Story, writing, “For those asking RE: my updated Instagram bio, I am happy with either pronouns.”

“The inclusion of ‘they,’ in addition to ‘she,’ feels most authentic to me,” Halsey continued. “If you know me at all you know what it means to me to express this outwardly. Thanks for being the best.”

Halsey previously shared in February that they have a different perception of gender after experiencing pregnancy. “I thought pregnancy would give me very strong, binary feelings about ‘womanhood’ but truly it has leveled my perception of gender entirely,” the 26-year-old artist reflected. “My sensitivity to my body has made me hyper aware of my humanness and that’s all.”