Here’s how Loki has changed MCU forever

screenmixJuly 16, 2021

A featurette from Loki titled ‘Future’ has teased that the show has changed MCU forever. The sixth episode of the show, or rather its first season, became available to watch on Wednesday. It ended the season on a cliffhanger.

The show can be credited for introducing the multiverse to MCU. It actually made up the crux of the show’s story and drove the central conflict. The show has also confirmed that it would return for a second season, which is likely to happen at the end of next year.

Loki was captured by the Time Variance Authority or the TVA for the very crime of being a variant — a being who did something that was not supposed to happen. While the Loki we knew in MCU is dead after being strangled by Thanos, the one that headlined the show is the Loki who escaped with the Tesseract or Space Stone after the Battle of New York.

After being arrested by the TVA, he learns that the organisation is hunting for a variant of his — or his version from another universe. It turns out to be a female Loki who calls herself Sylvie.

Loki teamed up with Sylvie and the two eventually found themselves in the Void, a place at the end of time. There, they discovered more Loki variants, which as, um, as varied, as a kid and an alligator.

Loki is the first solid proof that multiverse is a reality in MCU. That, and the presence of Jonathan Majors’ He Who Remains or Kang the Conqueror in the Citadel at the End of Time and interesting ramifications for MCU’s future.

First, with the multiverse, Marvel Studios can explain the arrival of X-Men (including Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool) and Fantastic Four in the MCU. It would be an easy avenue for the Marvel properties that Disney acquired when it bought Fox to introduce to MCU. At any rate, it would be simpler to do than saying they existed in MCU all along and we just never saw them.

Second, Kang the Conqueror possesses temporal domains and this will play into the story of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where we will see a more evil variant of He Who Remains.

Thirdly, the stage is set for the multiverse madness that the third Doctor Strange has promised us.

Whatever happens, things are going to be infinitely more exciting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than they have ever been.