Inside Anurag Kashyap’s deep bond with daughter Aaliyah Kashyap: ‘Making me pose like a teenager’

screenmixSeptember 9, 2021

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s films might cater to bold and hard-hitting subjects, but the man has a rather soft side to him. From being a fun-loving crew member to a loving father, there’s a different aspect to Kashyap’s personality than what his kind of cinema depicts.

Aaliyah Kashyap is the daughter of Anurag Kashyap and his former wife and film editor Arti Bajaj. Aaliyah, who lives in the US is a lifestyle blogger and owns a popular YouTube channel. In fact it is her social media handles where she regularly shares videos and photos with father Anurag Kashyap.

Ahead of Anurag Kashyap’s 49th birthday on Friday, we take a trip through the adorable posts shared by both father-daughter on social media that prove whenever they are spending time, it is all about pulling each other’s leg and putting out candid uploads. We know only Aaliyah can make Anurag Kashyap dance to her tunes!

Here you go…

anurag kashyap with daughter Anurag Kashyap wished his daughter with this picture. (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
aaliyah anurag kashyap “When the (not so) little one came visiting on the sets of #Choked @aaliyahkashyap before she left for the university ..” Anurag Kashyap wrote with this photo. (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag kashyap daughter photos Anurag Kashyap on a “dinner date” with daughter Aaliyah. (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag aaliyah kashyap Anurag Kashyap was happy to get a treat from his daughter. His caption read, “Birthday Dinner in Los Angeles at the Palm .. thrown by @aaliyahkashyap bestest birthday ever.” (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag aaliyah kashyap photos Anurag Kashyap shares several photos with daughter Aaliyah on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag daughter aaliyah kashyap Anurag Kashyap loves to troll his daughter too. His caption here read, “Some people just never get enough sleep @aaliyahkashyap . On the way to her new passport .. that dreaded 18 coming soon.” (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag kashyap daughter aaliyah kashyap news Anurag Kashyap during a holiday in Athens with daughter Aaliyah. (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag kashyap holiday aaliyah Another click of the father-daughter duo from Bangkok. (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag kashyap daughter photo Anurag Kashyap wrote an adorable post here that read, “That smile when I am figuring out the selfie (what wont I do to see it) and various pictures posed for .. my day started with making a drip coffee at six am , leaving home for a walk at 7 , 80 minutes walk followed by 70 minutes of swim and a very hearty breakfast (how much have I started eating) , forcing @aaliyahk9 out of bed to join me and a friend for breakfast.” (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag kashyap instagram photos Another click from another “dinner date” Anurag Kashyap went to with his daughter Aaliyah. (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag kashyap family Anurag Kashyap shared this pic while wishing Aaliyah on her 17th birthday. His caption read, “Now it’s time to start looking and acting your age.” (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
Anurag and Aaliyah Kashyap When Anurag and Aaliyah Kashyap went to watch Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar. (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag kashyap family photos daughter aaliyah “Things that they make you do.. @aaliyahk9 making the “exhausted” me pose like I was a teenager,” Anurag wrote with this click. (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag kashyap birthday Looks like this is the favourite pose of the two Kashyaps. Anurag wrote in the caption, “And this is me trying to catch up and match up.” (Photo: Instagram/anuragkashyap10)
anurag kashyap old photos Aaliyah Kashyap shared this lovely picture from her childhood with father Anurag Kashyap. (Photo: Instagram/aaliyahkashyap)

Now, check out some videos of the adorable father-daughter duo – Anurag Kashyap and Aaliyah Kashyap.

Happy birthday, Anurag Kashyap!