Inside Shakti and Mukti Mohan’s Delhi home, a place with ‘khuli hawa’ and ‘dhoop’

screenmixApril 3, 2021

Dancers and sisters duo Shakti Mohan and Mukti Mohan are often seen winning hearts with their camaraderie. While Shakti is the one who loves her personal space and peace around her, Mukti calls herself mischievous who cannot stay quiet and annoys Shakti. But, the two cannot do without each other. In the latest episode of Asian Paints’ series ‘Where the heart is’, the sisters duo take their fans inside their palatial Delhi house.

The house of the Mohan sisters is a three-level house that has mostly white furniture and is filled with plants. In the video, Shakti and Mukti take us through their terrace, living room and their bedrooms. It is Shakti’s favourite house for two reasons “because it is a place where all of us get to live together, enjoy together though it’s a rarity” and secondly, “I love the terrace of the house where Mukti and I rehearse and shoot our many dance videos”. Echoing similar thoughts, Mukti feels, “It is amazing to be with sisters. Also, it’s a Delhi thing to have big space, to have sunrise, sunset, ‘khuli hawa’ and ‘dhoop’.”

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Shakti and Mukti, who gained popularity on television reality shows, also talked about the bond they share with each other. Despite being two years apart, they “grew up as twins.” Mukti says, “We went to the same school, wore same clothes, had same friends, learnt similar things, same phones in college.”

Shakti sums her relationship with her younger sister as, “We have been like that one body and one soul.” She adds, “Till today I don’t think I have a better partner than Mukti who I can dance with. When she is dancing I am correcting, the equations are just the same, age is not doing anything to us.”

After winning the dance reality show, Dance India Dance season two and participating in other dance reality shows, Shakti started her own dance academy Nritya Shakti. Talking about it, she says, “Nrityashakti just fell in my lap. I had no plans on doing it. It is a home for dancers. That place fills me up with positivity and bliss me out. Our home and our work is open to everybody. Our family is becoming bigger by the day with students and dancers who aspire to dance. We are blessed by God to provide this to dancers and to other people who want to be with us.”