Irish Gymnast Rhys McClenaghan Debunks Those “Anti-Sex” Beds at the Tokyo Olympics

screenmixJuly 19, 2021

Olympians might be breaking a sweat in more ways than one.

Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan is proving that the eco-friendly beds provided to athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics aren’t so “anti-sex” after all.

Last week, U.S. runner Paul Chelimous posted pictures of the not-so-sexy “cardboard” beds being set up for competitors. 

“Beds to be installed in Tokyo Olympic Village will be made of cardboard, this is aimed at avoiding intimacy among athletes,” he tweeted alongside pics of the seemingly flimsy frames.

“Beds will be able to withstand the weight of a single person to avoid situations beyond sports,” he explained, before adding, “I see no problem for distance runners,even 4 of us can do.” 

McClenaghan put that to the test, sharing a video of himself (shirtless) jumping on what he called the “anti-sex” beds at the Olympics. “Apparently they’re meant to break at any sudden movements,” the 21 year old said. He then declared, “It’s fake! Fake news!”