Janhvi Kapoor reveals one test all Kapoors must pass on Star vs Food 2: ‘Or you have to sit at a separate table’

screenmixSeptember 7, 2021

The second season of Star vs Food on discovery+ is here. The first episode has Janhvi Kapoor cooking up a Korean meal for her friends — fitness expert Namrata Purohit, school friend Akshat Rajan and Vaishnav Praveen. Assisting her in her culinary adventures is J W Marriott, Juhu’s executive chef Abhishek Basu.

This episode is refreshing as Jahnvi has none of the airs as most other Bollywood bigwigs who appeared on the show. Janhvi is fresh, and at her candid best as she cooks a “traditional Korean meal” including some quite difficult to pronounce dishes like Bibimbap and Haemul Pajeon.

Janhvi, in her pink playsuit actually gets her hands dirty as she de-shells and cleans various seafood items, and acts like a sincere student taking instructions from the chef. It is endearing to watch the actor adding salt to her dishes like ‘Salt Bae’, she really seems to have had fun doing the episode, and we enjoyed watching it too.

Janhvi also reveals that there is a Kapoor test that all her family members are subjected to. “In our household, if you can’t take spice then you are not a Kapoor and you get shamed for life and you sit on a separate table,” she joked.

This season on Star vs Food is in a partnership with Korea Tourism Organisation. And one would love to see the chaos ensuing in the kitchen, as the celebrities struggle to beat eggs and try to hone their craft. Speaking about the show, Janhvi had said in an earlier statement, “The experience of cooking a Korean dish was unparalleled as I was on the knife’s edge this time unlike enjoying my meal in a restaurant. Korean is one of the most challenging cuisines to prepare, but Chef Basu’s passion encouraged me to attempt even after so many blunders and ‘Oops’ moments in the kitchen! It makes me extremely proud to overcome my kitchen fear and nail something so difficult.”

After a successful Star Vs Food Season 1, which featured celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karan Johar, Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor and Pratik Gandhi, the second season will see Ananya Panday, Anil Kapoor, Badshah, Nora Fatehi and Zakir Khan struggling in the kitchen.