Jayasurya’s Sunny to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on this date

screenmixSeptember 15, 2021

Actor Jayasurya shared the teaser of his upcoming Malayalam film, Sunny. A milestone in his career as it marks his 100th film, Sunny will release on Amazon Prime Video on September 23.

“Thank you for 20 years of your unconditional love and support. I am truly humbled,” wrote Jayasurya, while sharing the teaser.

Written and directed by Ranjith Sankar, the film appears to follow the struggles of a solitary musician. According to the official synopsis, Jayasurya plays the role of a man “who has lost everything in his life – love, money and his best friend. Shattered and hopeless, he leaves Dubai for Kerala in the midst of a global pandemic and shuts himself off from society. Trapped in an emotional turmoil, Sunny befriends a couple of strangers and they change his perspective on life.”

Sunny’s teaser introduces us to the protagonist who seems to finally find a new lease of life in music. At the behest of his friends, he begins to explore his talents in music and thus begins a new chapter in his life.

Going by the teaser, Ranjith Sankar promises a feel-good movie that might resonate with people, who have felt suffocated in confined spaces, owing to the pandemic. The film’s score by Sankar Sharma seems to be one of the highlights.

Sunny will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 23.