Justin Theroux’s Uncle Just Confirmed We’re All Mispronouncing His Last Name

screenmixApril 27, 2021

It appears that we’ve all been mispronouncing Justin Theroux‘s last name (including Justin himself!), according to his uncle and author Paul Theroux.

The novelist, whose 1981 book The Mosquito Coast is being adapted for television by Apple TV+ and stars his nephew, recently discussed his family’s surname. The 49-year-old star also opened up about his role in the series since he not only plays the lead, but he has a direct connection to the story. 

The Mosquito Coast was written by my Uncle Paul, who I am the middle namesake of him, Justin Paul Theroux,” the actor said in a video clip for the streaming service on Tuesday, April 27.

The author echoed the same sentiments as The Leftovers star. However, he pronounced his last name slightly different from his nephew.

“The main character is played by Justin Theroux, my nephew,” Paul shared, proudly saying his surname as “tha-roo.”

“Sometimes he calls himself Justin ‘tha-row’ [laughs],” the writer added, poking fun at his family member. “It’s a French name, it’s Theroux.”