Kangana Ranaut lashes out at Chetan Bhagat over the ‘best’ vaccine debate

screenmixApril 29, 2021

Ever since vaccinations for anyone over the age of 18 were allowed, Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut has been actively urging people to get an appointment for themselves. The actress shared a video message highlighting its use and its urgency, however, author Chetan Bhagat had a rather different thing to say about it. 

Taking to Twitter, he shared: “Pfizer and Moderna are the best vaccines. Why don’t we have them in India yet? Do we not deserve the best? Don’t we buy defense equipment from abroad? Is this not a war like situation? Why does the vaccine have to be made here and only here?” But Kangana wasn’t having any of it. She quickly jumped to defend India and wrote: “Who said they are best? I have friends who took Pfizer and suffered worse fevers and body aches. When will you all stop hating India? Our own vaccines are much in demand across the world.”

Without tagging Kangana, Chetan then went on to explain why he said what he said. He commented: “The point is not Indian versus foreign vaccines. The point is enough vaccines and enough supply. And for that we need them from all over right now. Save the nationalism for Independence Day. Right now let’s save lives at any cost. Stop this ‘us vs them’ in vaccines at least. People are dying.”

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