Kangana Ranaut likes tweet calling Sonu Sood a ‘fraud’

screenmixMay 3, 2021

Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut isn’t one to shy away from making headlines. The actress has an opinion about everything, and lately, she called out stars who had been “showing India in bad light” to the rest of the world. Sonu Sood is one star who has been actively working towards the betterment of people, but apparently, Kangana thinks otherwise.

A user on Twitter shared that Sonu has been using the Covid-crisis for his personal gain. The user named Maithun shared photos of Sonu posing next to oxygen concentrators for people to buy. And captioned it: “Such a fraud using a crisis to make money. Oxygen concentrator 2 lac.” The tweet appeared in Kangana’s likes tab, implying that the actress thinks the same of Sonu.

Kangana Ranaut likes tweet calling Sonu Sood a 'fraud'

But that is not what Maithun said. He continued: “Sonu Sood, you are cheating people whose loved ones are dying. Even 10 litres of oxygen concentrator doesn’t cost 1 lac and you are charging 2 lacs fora a 5 leter oxygen concentrator. How do you sleep at night doing so much fraud? BMC was right in saying you are a serial offender.”

Kangana Ranaut likes tweet calling Sonu Sood a 'fraud'

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