Kannada filmmaker Naveen dies of Covid-19 at 36

screenmixMay 3, 2021

Oneday director Naveen is the latest member of the Kannada film fraternity to fall victim to the devastating second wave of the coronavirus. The 36-year-old filmmaker passed away in his hometown Madhya recently after he tested positive for the Covid-19 infection.

Naveen made his debut as a director with Oneday in 2011. The film had Appu Venkatesh and Revanna in lead roles.

Besides Naveen, several well-known personalities of show business in Karnataka have succumbed to the Covid-19, including veteran actor Hulivan Gangadharaiah, poster designer and director Mastan, and actor-producer Dr DS Manjunath. Last week, high-profile producer Ramu had also passed away due to the Covid-19. His death sent a shock wave across the Kannada film industry. He had produced some of the biggest mainstream blockbusters of Sandalwood and collaborated with most of the top stars.

The second wave of the coronavirus is claiming thousands of lives every day across the country. The lives of many promising filmmakers have been cut short by the pandemic. Last week, top Tamil director and cinematographer KV Anand also died of Covid-19 related complications. His death came on the heels of the passing of seasoned filmmaker Thamira.