Leslie Grossman Reveals What Surprised Her Most About AHS Co-Star Macaulay Culkin

screenmixSeptember 3, 2021

Ever since Ryan Murphy posted a picture of Leslie Grossman and Macaulay Culkin on set for American Horror Story season 10, we knew we needed more information about this on-screen pairing.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long for these two to share a scene, as the Sept. 1 episode brought together Ursula (Grossman), a power hungry agent, and Mickey (Culkin), a local drug addict with promise as a writer, for the first time. The episode also indicated that these two will share many more moments together, which explains why Grossman had nothing but gush-worthy things to say about her new co-star.

“I want to say that it was an absolute joy to work with Macaulay,” Grossman, who has appeared on AHS since 2017, exclusively said to E! News. “And I didn’t know him, I hadn’t met him, we had a friend in common. We’re both friends with Kat Dennings, and, when she first found out that he was going to be on the show, she immediately texted me and was like, ‘He is an angel from heaven, you’re going to love him.'”