Mimifly returns with ‘Diam’, and a stripped down iPhone-shot MV (VIDEO)

screenmixApril 2, 2021

Mimifly collaborated with rapper Han Kabir for her latest track ‘Diam.’ — Video screenshot
Mimifly collaborated with rapper Han Kabir for her latest track ‘Diam.’ — Video screenshot

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KUALA LUMPUR, April 2 — After last year’s Hujan, Malaysian singer Mimifly is back with another track: Diam.

What both songs have in common is they were accompanied by music videos shot on iPhones, with Diam shot with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Mimifly, whose given name is Shamimi Amalina, decided that her video would adopt the concept of a “live” performance.

In a statement, the singer said: “We wanted to create a fresh, simple, no fuss music video where it is only focusing on the singer expressing and ‘talking’ to the audience rather than having distractive environments and movement.”

Diam also features rapper Ahmad Sufian Mohd Hakim or better known as Han Kabir, who along with Mimifly, was also involved in the song’s composition and lyrics.

The song was inspired by Mimifly’s own experiences, dealing with the frustration of living in a society where you’re being under constant scrutiny and having your flaws and mistakes amplified.

“No matter what we do, people will keep focusing on the bad things and will constantly talk and judge us without understanding the real situation,” the singer said.

The message, according to Mimifly, is that it is better to just ignore the negativity and to instead diam (be silent) instead of adding to the toxicity.

You can listen to the song here on Apple Music and watch the video below:

Diam will be part of Mimifly’s upcoming solo album and is the first song to be released so far.