Narappa trailer: Venkatesh promises scene-by-scene remake of Dhanush film Asuran

screenmixJuly 14, 2021

The trailer of the upcoming Telugu film Narappa was released on Wednesday. Starring Venkatesh in the titular role, the film is the official remake of Tamil hit Asuran. Judging by the trailer, director Srikanth Addala has remained loyal to the original, which was written and directed by Vetri Maaran. So much so that Srikanth hasn’t even cut a different trailer for Narappa. The trailer follows the same scene pattern, emotional rage, and score that Vetri had used in the Asuran trailer.

Narappa’s original inspiration was Tamil novel Vekkai. The film examines the pervasive caste system and the evils of men taking their caste pride too seriously. “Narappa is a story that holds a special place in our hearts. Its narrative is layered and quite thought-provoking. From Venkatesh to Priyamani, every cast as well as crew members have put in an incredible amount of love and dedication to bring this story alive. We wanted every viewer to leave with more than just a story and that is exactly what this gripping drama has to offer,” said producer Suresh Babu, who has bankrolled the film along with Kalaippuli S. Thanu, producer of Asuran.

“I am quite honoured to be a part of this phenomenal film in my own way. The film’s core message is very powerful and unnerving to the harsh realities of life. It does not shy away from the truths. I am certain that it will impact in ways that no one would expect,” added Thanu.

While Venkatesh takes on Dhanush’s National Award-winning role, Priyamani has stepped into Manju Warrier’s shoes in the Telugu remake. The film also stars Rao Ramesh, Nassar, Karthik Rathnam, Ammu Abhirami, Rajeev Kanakala among others.

Narappa was originally scheduled for a theatrical release on May 14 this year. However, the second wave of the coronavirus upended the release plans. The filmmakers later decided to release the film directly on the streaming platform as the pandemic seems far from over.

The filmmakers faced stiff resistance from theatre owners in Telangana for choosing OTT. The members of the Telangana Film Chamber Of Commerce even warned producers who were choosing streaming platforms of hostile reception. However, that didn’t deter the makers of Narappa from going ahead with digital release.

Narappa will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on July 20.