Ram Kapoor, Nandita Das, Raghu Ram get COVID-19 vaccine: ‘Benefits outweigh apprehensions’

screenmixApril 3, 2021

As people above the age of 45 have become eligible to receive coronavirus vaccine since April 1, a slew of Bollywood and television stars have taken the shot and documented the vaccination process to encourage fans to follow suit. Actors Nandita Das, Ram Kapoor and wife Gautami Kapoor and Raghu Ram are the latest celebrities to get jabbed.

The stars on Saturday shared on their social media handles that they have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Nandita Das shared on Twitter a photo of herself receiving the vaccine shot.

Got my first shot. Do get yours. Benefits outweigh any apprehensions,” the actor-director wrote in the caption.

Ram Kapoor took to Instagram to share a photo and video of the vaccination process. The video shows Ram mock crying to lighten the atmosphere. The frontline worker giving him the shot can be heard laughing.

All these frontline workers are working so hard, it felt nice to make them laugh a bit. Thank you to all the frontline workers,” Ram wrote, captioning the video. Gautami also posted a photo of herself receiving the vaccine dose. “And it’s done…,” she wrote alongside the picture.

Raghu Ram took to Instagram to write a lengthy caption accompanying a photo of himself receiving the vaccine shot. The reality TV star asked fans to drop scepticism about “surveillance through vaccination” and take the vaccine.

“Message for internet “experts”: The earth is not flat. 5G does not transmit a virus. Bill Gates is not a James Bond villain. Evolution is real. So is the Holocaust. No, I didn’t scream when jabbed by a needle. Surveillance through vaccinations is as impossible as it is unnecessary. The govt already tracks you through id cards, facial recognition software, your computer and your phone. Take that stupid looking tin foil hat off your head. Vaccines work. Go get yours,” Raghu wrote.