Resident Evil Infinite Darkness season 1 review roundup: Netflix’s video-game adaptation divides critics

screenmixJuly 9, 2021

The first reviews for season 1 of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness are here. The CGI animated series, which premiered on Thursday, is an adaptation of Capcom’s extremely popular horror video-game series of the same name.

The first season is set between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 and streams on Netflix.

Created by Hiroyasu Shinohara, the four-episode series follows Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, protagonists who will be familiar to those who have played the games.

The official synopsis of the series reads, “The landmark survival horror video game series Resident Evil has shipped over 110 million copies worldwide. Popular characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield appear in this CG serialized drama, the first in series history! Don’t miss this new epic entertainment on a scale more spectacular than ever before!”

The series has evoked mixed critical reception thus far, with a few praising the animation and action while others decried a lack of character depth and compelling story.

AV Club’s Sam Barsanti wrote in his review, “Nobody is going to confuse it for high art, certainly, but what didn’t really work in video games and what didn’t make sense in the Milla Jovovich-led movies surprisingly does work as a CG four-episode TV show.”

Nerd Reactor’s John Nguyen wrote, “Seeing Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy together is always a treat, but Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness lacks a gripping story and engrossing supporting characters.”

CBR’s Sam Stone opined, “Overall, the anime is a fun side story that offers a chance for Leon to jump back into the spotlight while evoking a past era for the franchise, deviating from horror to deliver global action.”

Bubbleblabber’s Daniel Kurland wrote, “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness doesn’t feel like it’s for those that are fans of the video game series, the zombie genre, or even the heavy-handed political thrillers that it seems to idolize.”