‘Shehnaaz Gill is completely shocked, Sidharth Shukla’s mother putting up a brave front’: Shefali Jariwala

screenmixSeptember 3, 2021

Sidharth Shukla’s untimely demise has left the industry and his fans shocked. One of the first ones to rush to Sidharth’s home to meet his family was actor Shefali Jariwala. While she has been friends with him for a long time, the two also got to spend a lot of time together during their Bigg Boss 13 stint.

Still reeling, Shefali shared with indianexpress.com that Sidharth’s death seems ‘unbelievable’ to her. “There were a lot of people yesterday and I am sure more will keep coming for a few days. But we need to give his family some privacy to grieve. Give them that space to help them accept that they have lost Sidharth,” the actor shared, sounding emotional.

The Kanta Laga star further shared that Sidharth was always very particular about his health and it’s hard to accept that he died of a sudden heart attack, “Honestly, it’s really difficult to believe that this is how he has gone. He was so particular about his meals, workouts and extremely disciplined about his health. Something like that could happen to him at 40, is unreal. But then it’s all about fate as your time is pre-decided when you are born. Eventually, we all need to accept it but it’s really unfortunate.”

Shefali Jariwala has been friends with Sidharth Shukla for years, and they rekindled their bond on Bigg Boss. She is close to the actors family too and shared that his mother is staying strong. “We all know and understand what the family must be going through. But aunty was trying to be strong in front of all the people. She lost her husband quite young, and Sidharth was extremely close to his sisters and mother. I just pray to God they find the strength to come to terms with this massive loss.”

Given the actor has been witness to the growth of Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill’s friendship, we asked her if she managed to speak to her. Shefali shared that while she could not meet her at Sidharth’s home, like everyone, Shehnaaz is also in a state of shock.

“When I went to Sidharth’s home, I couldn’t meet Shehnaaz as she was recording her statement with the police, as per the protocol. But what I heard is that she, like all of us, is completely shocked. It’s difficult for everyone close to Sidharth. I just wish well for them. They are all very private people and need time to grieve as that’s the most important part of healing,” Shefali shared.