Sonu Sood launches COVID-19 vaccination drive

screenmixApril 7, 2021

Bollywood star Sonu Sood has done a lot of philanthropic work throughout his career, especially ever since the pandemic started last month. He recently got himself vaccinated at a hospital in Amritsar and has also now announced a vaccination drive.

Taking to Twitter, Sonu shared that he has now launched a vaccination drive called Sanjeevni which will raise awareness about the Covid-19 vaccine amongst the masses. He said: “Got my vaccine today and now it’s time to get whole of my country vaccinated. Started the biggest vaccination drive Sanjeevani which will bring awareness and get our people vaccinated.”

Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, the actor told: “I wanted to start this drive because I feel it is very important to bring that awareness among people who are still thinking whether they should get vaccinated or not. Family members should push their elder ones, people who are eligible to get vaccinated. It will only help them survive the times we are facing in the near future.We are doing this in many districts and a lot of villages in Punjab and different states. The awareness is not much and they still have double thoughts whether they should get vaccinated or not. That’s why I wanted to get vaccinated in front of everyone and send the message across that don’t think twice. We will get a lot of camps done. This is a movement that we are trying to start to increase awareness.”

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