Sonu Sood, team answer hospital’s SOS call for oxygen cylinders, save 20 coronavirus patients

screenmixMay 4, 2021

Actor Sonu Sood and his team of volunteers provided more than 15 oxygen cylinders to a hospital in Bengaluru early on Tuesday, saving the lives of over 20 Covid-19 patients.

The ARAK hospital, which had already lost two patients due to shortage of oxygen, was at the risk of losing 20-22 Covid-19 patients when Hashmath Raza from the Karnataka team of Sonu Sood Charity foundation received an SOS call from a police official informing about the dire situation at the hospital.

The team arranged 16 oxygen cylinders after raising an emergency alarm with its contacts. Sonu Sood lauded the team for its timely response to the SOS call.

“This was sheer teamwork and the will to help our fellow countrymen. As soon as we got the call from Inspector Satyanarayan, we verified it and got to action within minutes. The team spent the entire night not thinking about anything but just helping the hospital to get oxygen cylinders. Had there been any delay, many families could have lost their close ones. I want to thank everyone who helped in saving so many lives last night,” the actor said in a statement.

In a recent interview with journalist Barkha Dutt, Sonu Said has mentioned his working style, which includes being in contact with every department concerning the healthcare in the country– from a ward boy of a hospital to its managing director.

Sonu Sood has been helping citizens get the required treatment amid the ravaging Covid-19 crisis, which has left the country devastated and exposed the loopholes in India’s healthcare infrastructure, causing deaths due to lack of oxygen, beds and medicines rather than the virus alone.