The Beckham Family Pens Sweet Get-Well Card to Brooklyn’s Fiancée Nicola Peltz

screenmixApril 30, 2021

Perhaps we should all be trying to send it like Beckham.

Because actress Nicola Peltz shared the get-well card she received courtesy of fiancé Brooklyn Beckham‘s family to her Instagram Story April 28 and it is sweet AF.

“Dear Nicola,” read the handwritten card, accompanied by a bouquet of white roses,”We love and miss you. Get well soon!! Sending lots of love and kisses!!” In addition to Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, the card was also signed by each of the couple’s four children: Romeo Beckham, 18, Cruz Beckham, 16, Harper Beckham, 9, and of course, Brooklyn.
While The Last Airbender star has yet to disclose the reason behind her ailment, the well wishes from her future family seemed to provide the greatest comfort.
Nicola captioned the heartwarming snap, “I have the best family I’m so lucky.”
The soon-to-be wed couple announced their engagement in July 2020 with an Instagram snap captured by Harper and they’ve kept the declarations of love going ever since.