These 15 Unforgettable Met Gala Moments Will Remind You Why It’s Kind of a Big Deal

screenmixSeptember 10, 2021

And with the world still only inching (millimetering?) toward a semblance of normalcy, feel free to let everything the Met Gala has to offer, from the over-the-top couture and the fierce people wearing it to the many stars caught in candid moments of glee, celebration and side-eye, be a balm for your weary soul.

It is, after all, the closest thing New York has to a fairy-tale ball: It’s the hottest ticket in town, guests must find something suitable to wear and Zendaya let one of her glass slippers slide off for effect while channeling Cinderella in 2019.

But even at an event where almost every arrival makes headlines, some memories linger for a reason. So to help get your pre-party (and your weekend, happy Friday!) started, relive these 15 unforgettable Met Gala moments: