This Kung Fu Family Reunion Is Awkward As Hell

screenmixApril 1, 2021

It’s always weird to go back home to your family after you ran away to a monastery for three years, isn’t it? 

At least it’s pretty weird for Nicky Shen (Olivia Liang), who is doing just that in the first episode of The CW‘s new drama Kung Fu. As the pilot starts, Nicky is just returning home for the first time after having a meltdown three years ago. She spent that time studying martial arts and figuring out who she is outside of her mother’s influence, but now she’s home and has to face all the people she suddenly left behind. 

In the clip above, exclusive to E! News, she sees her family—including her mother—for the first time. Reactions are mixed. 

While Althea (Shannon Dang) is happy to have her little sister back in time for her wedding, her younger brother Ryan (Jon Prasida) is clearly still salty about being “ghosted.” But it’s Nicky’s mom, Mei-Li (Kheng Hua Tan) who is least excited about the reunion. 

“My daughter died three years ago,” she says before turning around and leaving the room.