Tom and Sarah Are Stunned By Parental Deception in Home Economics Sneak Peek

screenmixApril 26, 2021

Sometimes, even the most loving parents can betray you. 

In an exclusive sneak peek from this week’s Home Economics, Tom (Topher Grace) and Sarah (Caitlin McGee) discover that their parents have been deceiving them in the cruelest of ways, ignoring most of their grandchildren in favor of…pretending Connor’s giant house is their vacation home. Why go to Tom and Sarah’s regular-sized (on the verge of small) houses when they can hang out at a mansion that formerly belonged to Matt Damon? Plus, Connor has a delightful housekeeper named Lupe (Lidia Porto) who keeps their pants clean and brings them fresh mimosas, and Connor’s daughter is a great dress-up play pal. Why would they ever leave? 

Maybe, as Tom and Sarah point out, because Connor’s daughter is not their only grandkid? And Connor is not their only kid? 

It’s not the best look for Muriel (Nora Dunn) and Marshall (Phil Reeves), especially when they’re caught lying about just how often they’ve actually been at Connor’s house. But perhaps they can make it up to their two older kids with some quality time of their own!