Tune Fix: From Seeti Maar to Changes, songs you need to listen to this week

screenmixApril 30, 2021

Music has been a part of every known society, past and present. It can be said that people from across the globe, including the most isolated tribal groups, have some form of music. As there is so much music being created, it is not possible for anyone to keep track of everything and decide what to listen to. So whether you intend to listen to recently released chart-topping hits, or consume an artistic piece of music which did not hit your radar, Tune Fix has compiled a list of some of the best songs you can listen to this week.

What the world is listening to

Peaches by Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon

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The track is part of Justin Bieber’s Justice album. The R&B track is calming, has great lyrics and is elevated to the next level by the hook, which is just glorious. The song features guest vocals from GIVEŌN and Daniel Caesar, which are well contrasted with Bieber’s style. Even though the track is sultry and has romantic strings attached to it, it is uplifting at many levels and makes you feel cheerful. In one part, Justin Bieber says, “And I see you, the way I breathe you in/It’s the texture of your skin/ I wanna wrap my arms around you, baby/ Never let you go (Oh).” If you listen carefully, the lyrics reveal a whole new angle to the song. While casual listeners will enjoy the melody and the catchy hook, hardcore music fans will have something to talk about and speculate.

Indian picks

Seeti Maar by Kamaal Khan and Iulia Vantur

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Radhe song “Seeti Maar” is a recreation of the Telugu song by the same name. It has been making waves on YouTube and has already crossed 30 million views on YouTube. The trailer is yet another recreation from Bollywood and has all the elements of the original, albeit this time the entire song is composed in Hindi. “Seeti Maar” is what we have come to expect from a modern-day Bollywood number – a catchy beat that doesn’t do anything to differentiate it from the sea of content it swims on, average lyrics that seem to have been written just to add in vocals, and a music video that relies solely on the charisma of the actors.

What I am listening to

Udd Gaye by RITVIZ

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The track is the personification of what an Indian party song should sound like. The song is blessed by truly great music, which is filled with drops, intersections and is catchy to the core. The lyrics are well written, and the voice of the artiste merges perfectly with the beat like bread with butter. “Udd Gaye” has been on my playlist since its release, and this is one song you should definitely listen to when you are feeling down.

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

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“Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica is a song for the ages and is one of the greatest tracks of the 20th century. The track is still one of the most played songs in live concerts. It has the ability to move people every time it’s played.

“Nothing Else Matters” was a part of Metallica’s fifth studio album also titled Metallica. The Rolling Stone magazine ranked the album at 252 on the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list. The lyrics of the song seem to come straight from the heart of the artiste, and the hook is heart pumping which elevates the song to the next level. The band’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield wrote the song in 1990 when the band was on tour. The song was not meant to be released, but after drummer Lars Ulrich heard it, the rest is history. It takes us deep into the mind of the artiste who has to be in a long distance relationship most of the time, owing to the hectic schedule of the band.

What the world needs to listen to

Changes by 2-Pac

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The song, which was released in 1998 as part of 2pac’s Greatest Hits album, two years after he was shot at the age of 25, is as relevant in this day and age as it was when it was released. The track has some of the most gut-wrenching lyrics ever on a song, and the artiste reveals the reality of things, that people even in this day and age would think twice before opening up about. The message is delivered clearly, and even though the lyrics literally hit you hard, the way the artiste goes about the song makes you think that there is still hope at the end of the tunnel. In one part, 2pac says, “I’m tired of being poor and, even worse, I’m black/ My stomach hurts so I’m looking for a purse to snatch/ Cops give a damn about a negro/ Pull the trigger, kill a nigga, he’s a hero.“ These lines and the song is as relevant today as it was back when it released, making it a timeless classic.

The song boasts of an impressive beat, and the melody used makes it all the more special. The chorus is soothing and blends in well with the razor-sharp verses. This is one song you cannot afford to miss.

Indian picks

BLACK SHEEP by Raftaar

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“BLACK SHEEP” has some of the best wordplay in an Indian rap song. It has great lyrics filled with punchlines, wordplay and pure emotion. Raftaar delivers the verses by ramping up his already impressive delivery, using his deep roaring voice and stressing on every word. Raftaar speaks about certain elements of his gang who turned out to be different from what they seemed at first and compares them to black sheep. The song has a basic beat with minimal melody, but that works greatly to enhance the sound and the vibe the artiste is hoping to create.