WATCH: Ajay Devgn gets uncomfortable as fans touch his feet on his birthday

screenmixApril 3, 2021

Bollywood star Ajay Devgn celebrated his birthday yesterday as he turned 52. Having a massive fan following, some of his admirers gathered outside his residence to wish the actor as they brought along a cake for him too.

While Ajay hasn’t been one to have elaborate birthday celebrations, he looked rather uncomfortable as the fans touched his feet. Even his team ask them not to, they continued to do so and Ajay couldn’t say no, except, “That’s enough.”

They then presented the cake to Ajay but he refused to cut it and instead asked one of the fans to cut it instead as he celebrated his birthday too. This was not the first time he refused to cut a cake on his birthday. In an earlier interview, he had said: “I don’t even cut a cake! Of course, cakes are cut in office, at the shoot and in my home. But I usually get my children or my nephews to do it.”

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