Watch Hot Girl Summer Plans Get Derailed in Sexy FBOY Island Trailer

screenmixJuly 12, 2021

Hot girl summer, meet FBoy July. 

From showrunner Sam Dean, the romantic mastermind behind Love Is Blind and 12 Dates of Christmas, comes a hilarious new twist on reality TV dating series: FBOY Island. And yes, it’s just as intoxicatingly toxic as it sounds. 

“They look like angels but they’re really the devil,” contestant Nakia Renee says in the teaser trailer. 

The new HBO Max series follows three single ladies looking for love amongst 24 seemingly eligible bachelors. The only issue? Half of them are self-proclaimed “F–k Boys” who are proudly there for the wrong reasons.

Nakia, CJ Franco and Sarah Emig seek out their soulmates and truly test why women are drawn to FBoys at all. “FBOY Island is a social experiment that asks the age-old question: Can FBoys truly reform or do Nice Guys always finish last?” the official series description hilariously reads. 

Add in the promise of winning $100,000, and perhaps not all of the Nice Guys are really that nice.