Why Darcey Silva Believes God Led Her and Stacey Silva to Turkey for Total Makeovers

screenmixSeptember 10, 2021

The Silva sisters’ spiritual journey abroad was a “blessing,” according to Stacey. “It was a time where Darcey and I really needed to re-bond again,” she reflected. “We made memories for life.” 

As for their makeovers, Darcey and Stacey opted for a 24-hour nursing care service in a five-star villa resort. “The outward transformation really had to start from within,” Stacey added.  

Darcey concluded, “The hardest moments we had were in Turkey, but it was our best moments. After Turkey, we just became the best version of ourselves. You’ve got to love yourself, first and foremost, and don’t let anybody take your worth away. It was all about freeing ourselves to honor who we are, and it was exactly where we needed to be.” 

Get a glimpse into the Silva’s fated journey to Turkey, and hear Darcey’s tips on how to take the perfect picture, in the clip above! 

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