Why the Internet Is Buzzing Over Drew Barrymore’s Flirty Comment on Leonardo DiCaprio’s Instagram

screenmixJuly 15, 2021

Near, far, wherever Leonardo DiCaprio and Drew Barrymore fans are, they’re going to want to hear about their recent social media posts.

It all started on July 13 when the Oscar winner and environmentalist took to Instagram to re-share one of the United Nation’s infographics about the impacts of global warming. After reading the message, Barrymore thanked the actor for his work in the fight against climate change, calling him a “pioneer” in saving the Earth. 

“You should be the only hot one,” the actress then wrote in the comments section, “and not our planet!” 

Needless to say, her words did not go unnoticed by her followers. “I am LIVING for this comment,” one fan replied. “You’re a real one, Drew.” Added another, “Shoot your shot girl!”

DiCaprio didn’t respond to the comment (to be fair, he has been linked to model Camila Morrone for quite a few years now).